So you think you want to get a family dog…

… before you make that decision why not listen to some expert advice. Here Maria Sweeney, professional dog groomer to pampered pooches provides us with some food for thought on whether or not you really do want to get a family dog.

family dog

“Muuuum! Can we get a dog?”


Don’t worry, I’ve got a few tried and tested silver bullets in the arsenal to help you combat this one if you really want to knock it on the head. But, if you are considering getting a family pet, and you need some help convincing the boss of the household (‘Muuuuum!’) I can help with that too.

I am a dog groomer, and recently opened my own salon Vanity Fur in Greystones, Co Wicklow. You may think that immediately puts me in the ‘for’ camp, but in fact being in this line of work allows for a well balanced view of sides. The below will help you to decide if you are the right person, in the right stage of your life to open your home to a new furry family member.

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