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We believe in giving you -the customer - what you what you want when you come to Vanity Fur. However, we do have one very important grrrrrround rule. The amount of time and effort you put into keeping your dog’s coat healthy will directly determine how much coat we can leave on your dog when he visits us. That means that if you don’t regularly brush your dog, then we can’t send him home with a nice long silky coat. Dematting can be a painful and unpleasant experience for your dog so if you want him left long – you know what you have to do.

Full Groom

Includes brush out, bath, blueberry facial, fluff dry, clipping and finishing, as well as nail clip, ear pluck/clean, eye area clean and emptying of the anal glands

Wash & Blow Dry

Includes brush out, bath and fluff dry

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping maintains a proper wire coat and involves pulling out the dead outer coat of wire-hired breeds by hand instead of using a clippers. It is more time consuming than regular grooming and only suitable for certain breeds.

Mini Groom - €10

Tidy up scissoring of face, and hygiene areas in between grooms

Nail Clip - €10 Small/Med Dog, €15 Big Dog

Quick maintenance trim, no appointment necessary

Puppy’s First Groom

Once your puppy has had all their vaccinations, typically around the 12 week point, they are ready to be introduced to the grooming studio. The sooner you familiarise your puppy with being groomed, the easier and more pleasant the experience will be for him. If your puppy doesn’t yet need a groom or even a bath, but you would like to get him used to the grooming studio and see that it is not a place to dread coming to, then why not bring him in to meet us and get used to the smells, what it feels like to sit up on the table, get brushed out etc.

Vanity Fur Academy - Dog Groomer Training

We offer a range of tailored training packages for those wishing to learn how to become a dog groomer and/or run a dog grooming business. Get in touch if you would like to discuss an individual training programme

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