Overweight Dog? Time for Operation TransFurMation

Lose weight with healthy eating

Overweight dog? Read on…

New Year’s Resolutions. Yep, it’s that time again when we all try to convince ourselves we’re going to do things differently this year. Bless us. Wet behind the ears (there may be a few doggy references in this post so I apologise in advance) and full of positivity and enthusiasm as to how we are going to be better humans. I will hold up my hands and admit to being one of these painful “New Year, New You!” enthusiasts. Well at least for a week anyway.

I am an instant gratification person through and through. That’s why I love grooming dogs so much – I get a complete transformation from a smelly scruffy mess who gets dragged in the door of the salon by their owner to a shiny, fluffy, blow-dried poof-ball who skips out flicking their curls behind them within a matter of hours. So naturally I am throwing myself into every fad January has to offer in the hope of immediate results and unfortunately for Bonnie, she’s getting dragged along for the ride too.

Dog measurements

Measuring up

The first thing I did was weigh myself to see what damage had been done over Christmas. After I passed out and hit my head off the bathroom radiator  I came round and took Bonnie to be weighed. Then I took her measurements round her middle. She won’t mind me telling you she’s a good solid 20KG and 25″ round her middle. She would like to get to 18kg and 23″ by summer so that’s she’s bikini ready for the beach.

As she already has a very healthy BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) which consists of a balance of raw meat, bones and vegetables (see the very extensive Dogs First website for more info) and an active lifestyle  including a minimum of 2 off-lead walks a day for between 30 mins and 2hrs depending on a) how lazy I’m feeling and/or how cold and dark the morning is and b) whether she’s out with her other human slave Roisin from Elite Dog Services who walks her for me while I’m at work) her focus area is reducing the amount she eats. This falls entirely on me as I do often over feed her as the result of a food = love mentality, which of course is totally wrong but let’s face it we all do it. 

I in turn am throwing myself into the Dukan Diet fad with a group of friends which basically means living on protein only every second day and some permitted low starch vegetables added in every other day. No fat, no sugar and no carbs. As a vegetarian (well I eat fish) this is the shittest diet I’ve ever been on but it’s been 4 days and I’ve seen great results already so I’m going to stick with it for at least another 3 days until I can no longer stomach any more vaccum packed smoked fish and eggs. Bonnie is delighted as she gets all the skin off the oily fish mountain taking up my whole fridge (which of course we calorie count as part of her overall daily intake…).

I have also, like 99% of the rest of the population this month, rejoined the gym. Nikafit Personal Training studio in Kilcoole is my weapon of choice and the deal is you go a minimum of 3 times a week to a semi-private personal training session for an hour each time. It’s a fantastic facility and the trainers are absolutely incredible but it takes dedication and discipline and I just pray I have the motivation to stick with it this time because I’m super jealous of the results achieved by the other members who have been going consistently. So far I’ve been to 2 sessions in a 5 day period and I’m impatient as to why I can’t dead-lift 100kg already when I’m used to hoisting giant fluffy bears in and out of the grooming bath all day.

My final New Year’s resolution attempt at getting back into shape is jumping on the Dry January bus. Bonnie gets to sit this one out as she’s not a big drinker anyway but this is by far the most challenging. I was doing so well (4 days and not a drop of booze!) but my plan was thwarted last night when my so called best friend invited me over for Dukan diet dinner and tripped me up with a giant bottle of gin on her doorstep as I arrived. I fell head first into a Bombay Saphire and Fever Tree slimline tonic concoction and the only way out was to drink it all until it was gone. I’m pleased to say I managed to complete the task. 

We did however make up for it today by going for an extra long afternoon walk up at the Vartry Reservoir in Roundwood. Bonnie got a double workout as she not only ran up and down fetching sticks the whole way round but also got in for multiple swims which she wouldn’t do on our normal beach walks cause she’s a big sissy and is scared of the waves, choosing instead to stand at a safe distance on the shore and bark at them.

So, I’d love to hear how you and your pet are taking on the New Year and whether you’ll be taking part in Operation TransFurMation to help them shed some of the Christmas pounds. If any of you have seen Newstalk’s Ciara Kelly’s 100 Days of Walking initiative (essentially getting out every morning and/or evening for a walk while gradually building your distance) you could kill two birds with one stone and bring your pooch to your town’s 8am or 8pm meet up?  If you would like help with your own dog’s measurements feel free to ask us next time you’re in! See you next week for a progress report!




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