A letter from Lulu

By Maria Sweeney, Owner at Vanity Fur

Lulu the Cavachon

Lulu before her accident

“Hi Maria. Here is a picture of me after I came home from my lovely day at the spa with you a few weeks ago. I don’t look so fluffy at the moment since the big bully dog bit me, but I know you’ll help me figure out how to grow a nice hairstyle back when I’m better. Here is a pic too of me after the mean dog got me in his jaws on Friday, and then how I look now after the nice vet man helped me to feel better on Monday (I got really sick from all the big mess it made inside me). I have to lie still all day now in my small crate so my broken rib and sore side can get better but my mum says I can go chasing cats and magpies again in a few weeks when I’m all better. I’m a bit sad cos my mum says she won’t be able to let my little friends take me for walks outside anymore in case any more big dogs come chasing me and bite my little peeps instead…we never thought of that before, but we’re telling people now cos I don’t want anyone else feeling sore like me and not being able to chase the cats. See you soon Maria, lots of love and slurpy kisses, Lulu.

PS… I only chase the cats for fun. I never tried to eat one.”

Last week a lovely client of mine, Lulu the Cavachon was out for a walk on the lead in Marlay Park, when she was viciously attacked by another dog. I won’t mention the breed as I think there is already alot of bad press out there with certain dog types, and this is often blamed on the breed itself instead of the owners who are responsible for rearing them. Some of these ‘dangerous dog’ breeds can be the sweetest pets out there when raised by a loving owner, but unfortunately in this case the dog who attacked Lulu belongs to someone who was more interested in their fighting abilities than their value as a family companion.

After being approached by this dog who was not on a lead and seemed to be unaccompanied at the time, Lulu was grabbed in his jaws and shaken violently. Lulu’s walker managed to wrestle her free from his grip and shoo off her attacker, but unfortunately he had already managed to cause significant harm. Poor Lulu was extremely shaken up and sore, but after taking her to the vet it was initially thought that she just had surface wounds.

Lulu the Cavachon

Her owner monitored her very carefully over the next few days however and noticed that Lulu wasn’t recovering as she should have been. She took her back to the vet and after further tests the injury was worse than they thought – a nasty internal wound that required immediate surgery. While it now looks like Lulu will make a full recovery, it might have been a very different story had her owner not been so vigilant in taking her back to the vet who was able to act in time to save Lulu. The moral of the story is that dog bites can be deceptive, so if you ever find yourself in this awful situation and are given the all-clear by the vet at the time, make sure you keep a close eye on your pet and if in any doubt at all take him/her back to the clinic.

Lulu injury 2



Get well soon Lulu we’re all thinking of you!

Lulu the Cavachon

Lulu recovering after her accident